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Vintage & History

burgert brothers cigar makers and the lector at cuesta rey factory 1929

Lectores de Tabaquerías – Cigar Factory Readers

Lectores de Tabaquerías – Cigar Factory Readers

The tradition of reading aloud at cigar factories can be traced back to the year 1865. Not least because of the high rate of illiteracy and the monotony of the work, the readings garnered so much interest that the practice spread in Cuba and far beyond.

partagas factory pollack calle san carlos havana

Once Upon a Time … A Warehouse at Calle San Carlos No. 816

It’s hard to believe that the famous tobacco exporter Mark A. Pollack built this splendid structure located behind the Briones Montoto factory just to store his excellent tobacco. Fully renovated in recent years, the gorgeous building is housing a Partagás worksite while its walls shine a gleaming white.

dunhill romeo julieta seleccion no 779 world record public auction november 2010

Why Spend $2,000 on a Cigar?

Why would anyone be prepared to spend this much money on a cigar, particularly when it is over 50 years old? Is there any way that such extravagance could be justified? The venue was the outdoor cigar terrace at Boisdale’s Restaurant in London’s Belgravia district. The event was the third auction of aged and vintage cigars organised by C.Gars Ltd.