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Vintage & History

museo del tabaco ancient table

Visiting the Museo del Tabaco in Havana, Cuba

Visiting the Museo del Tabaco in Havana, Cuba

When you think about it, the whole of Cuba is actually a living museum and Havanas are, generally speaking, still produced the way they were a hundred years ago. However the knowledge must be cultivated so that it isn’t forgotten over time. This is a task that the Museo del Tabaco.

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Why Spend $2,000 on a Cigar?

Why would anyone be prepared to spend this much money on a cigar, particularly when it is over 50 years old? Is there any way that such extravagance could be justified? The venue was the outdoor cigar terrace at Boisdale’s Restaurant in London’s Belgravia district. The event was the third auction of aged and vintage cigars organised by C.Gars Ltd.