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La Meridiana Diaz

Cuba’s Historic Cigar Factories: Pedro Murias’ La Meridiana

Cuba’s Historic Cigar Factories: Pedro Murias’ La Meridiana

The factory founder’s name is almost entirely unknown today. However, towards the end of the 19th century, Pedro Murias was one of the leading manufacturers of cigars in Havana.

h upmann factory front view old factory sign

H. Upmann Factory: Two Giants under a Roof

The building is enormous, but, because the street is narrow and densely built-up, at first glance it appears humbler than it really is. The factory, located at Calle Amistad No. 407 and 409, between Calle Dragones and Calle Barcelona, is rather nondescript and can be hard to find.

partagas factory pollack calle san carlos havana

Once Upon a Time … A Warehouse at Calle San Carlos No. 816

It’s hard to believe that the famous tobacco exporter Mark A. Pollack built this splendid structure located behind the Briones Montoto factory just to store his excellent tobacco. Fully renovated in recent years, the gorgeous building is housing a Partagás worksite while its walls shine a gleaming white.