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New Technology For Brand Protection and Customer Engagement

New Technology For Brand Protection and Customer Engagement

HumidifGroup launches their innovative Smart Packaging Solution: professional and attractive packaging combined with an exclusive digital platform.


Ten Commandments – How to Behave in a Cigar Store

In their podcast on January 12, 2019 “The Cigar Authority” took a look at one of the most debated things in the cigar industry, and that is cigar etiquette. The so-called 10 Commandments of being a good brother or sister of the leaf. The list has been put together by Miguel M. Schoedel, National Sales Manager Crowned Heads.

José Blanco

Cigar Knowledge: What Is Meant By Strength?

Arguably the biggest misconception in the cigar industry is the use or misuse of the term “strength.” Many smokers often describe it as the flavors or lack of flavors that entertain the palate. In actuality, the palate has very little to do with determining the strength of a cigar. We asked a few industry heavyweights to clarify the term for us.