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Cigar Journal Best Buy Cigars of 2016

Review All of Cigar Journal’s Best Buy Cigars in 2016

We combed through our blind tastings from the year 2016 again to find out which cigars received particularly good evaluations during the course of the year but are offered for a much lower price compared to others of the same rating.

From the Magazine

cubatabaco 1492 vintage humidor open certificate

Who are the Buyers of High-Priced Vintage Cigars?

The vintage cigar market can be an enigmatic place, with players unwilling to reveal their sources, collections or investments for fear of alerting their competitors. With some information from a few specialists, Nick Hammond found out that vintage buyers can be divided into two distinct groups.

cigar wrapper colors

Cigar Trivia: Wrapper Colors

Cigars not only come in different forms. As well, the color spectrum of the wrapper is impressively extensive, and each one is the result of several different factors and processes that also influence how a cigar tastes.

The Cigar Authority Team Ambassador Award

Cigar Trophy Award 2016 – Ambassador

The Ambassador Award is given annually to people or organizations that have earned it through their special achievements in the promotion of cigar culture. This year, the jury chose The Cigar Authority.