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Cigar Journal’s Best Buy Cigars Of The Year 2023

The best cigars at the best price. This is what many cigar lovers are looking for. We combed through our blind tastings of the year 2023 again to find out which cigars have received particularly good reviews AND are offered for a much lower price compared to others of the same rating.

Cigar Friendly

La Vida Buena

Do we not each have a place of longing? In times of travel warnings and closed borders, they come to mind more than ever. A long time ago, I saw a picture of the bright, white Castel del Monte in Apulia. Since then, I have been drawn to the heel of Italy’s boot. My expectations, which had been piling up over 30 years, were high. They were exceeded many times over. 

From the Magazine

 A Tour of Doha’s Cigar Lounges

In recent years, Qatar has been talked about across the globe. Thanks to the country’s thriving economy, which is mainly based on the export of natural gas and oil, Qatar has been able to position itself among the richest countries in the world. But the peninsula has undoubtedly received most of its attention for its hosting of the 2022 FIFA world cup. 

Turmeaus Shop

Turmeaus Cigars & Whisky – UK’s Largest Cigar Shop

Liverpool’s favorite tiny tobacconist, Turmeaus, has just become the UK’s largest specialist cigar shop.
 C.Gars Ltd took over Turmeaus in 2003. The London-based company’s new flagship store, rechristened Turmeaus Cigars and Whisky, is now in the center of Liverpool.

The Taste of Havana

Recently published, the cookbook The Taste of Havana has numerous original Cuban recipes, is full of funny anecdotes and enlivened with colorful photos. Our Cigar Journal cook, Walter Monschein, tested the recipes and has put together a Cuban menu from the book for you. Put on whatever music you like – son cubano, rumba, salsa or reguetón – turn on the stove, and start cooking!

Las Vegas

Even Las Vegas has its limitations, at least when it comes to smoking. But there are still plenty of great cigar spots in the city, both on and off the Strip.

Tom Lazukas

Brand Focus: How Eiroa’s Asylum Came to Be

Asylum is the new brand from Christian Eiroa and Tom Lazuka, and it is known for being huge. The big cigars measure 7 x 70 and 8 x 80. But how did the brand come about? According to Tom Lazuka, it was his idea.

Sexy Cocktails in Berlin

“Poor, but sexy!” This is the motto of Germany’s capital. The description of the city of former mayor Klaus Wowereit is evidenced in many subject areas – from the economic situation to the hip trendy neighborhoods. In one area, though, it’s not quite true: the city’s bar scene. It isn’t poor, and in its diversity is very sexy.

The Favorite Wrapper

What makes the cigar manufactures and smokers of the world praise the ecuadorean wrapper? Take a trip with Cigar Journal to a country made to grow wrapper and you might just find out why.



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