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LONDON’S C.Gars Ltd is holding another of its online cigar auctions, claiming this one is likely to be the largest Havana auction in history.

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Cigar Journal’s Best Buy Cigars of the Year 2020

The best cigars at the best price. This is what many cigar lovers are looking for. We combed through our blind tastings from the year 2020 again to find out which cigars have received particularly good reviews, but are offered for a much lower price compared to others oft he same rating.

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As you make a left onto Dodecanese Boulevard, one can see a cigar boutique immediately on the left-hand side of the road.  This oasis of the leaf is the Serafín de Cuba cigar shop.  Owner Arnold Serafín and I sat down with a couple of cigars and an espresso and discussed the history of his delightful store.


CASC Shop opens in Aberdeen, UK

Bill and Paul West, the father and son team behind Aberdeen’s famous CASC Bar, have opened a new CASC Shop in the city and now offer their Cigars, Ales, Scotch and Coffee – CASC – to take away.


Let it Burn | Cigar Friendly: Naples, FL

The Rocky Patel signature lounge, Burn, pushes the envelope on what a luxury cigar environment should be.  The city of Naples, Florida by itself puts a demand on the local establishments to deliver only the highest quality product to its affluent citizens and Burn does not disappoint!  Old-school elegance lives in harmony with new-school swagger

From the Magazine

Turmeaus Shop

Turmeaus Cigars & Whisky – UK’s Largest Cigar Shop

Liverpool’s favorite tiny tobacconist, Turmeaus, has just become the UK’s largest specialist cigar shop.
 C.Gars Ltd took over Turmeaus in 2003. The London-based company’s new flagship store, rechristened Turmeaus Cigars and Whisky, is now in the center of Liverpool.

Plasencia Brothers

Plasencia Cigars: The 5th Generation of Family Business

The story of Plasencia Cigars starts, as so many other cigar stories, in Cuba during the 1800s. It’s a story of a fifth-generation family business that is one of the most respected on the scene. It’s a story of hardship, two revolutions, a disastrous mold attack, but also of persistence, conviction and innovation.

Tom Lazukas

Brand Focus: How Eiroa’s Asylum Came to Be

Asylum is the new brand from Christian Eiroa and Tom Lazuka, and it is known for being huge. The big cigars measure 7 x 70 and 8 x 80. But how did the brand come about? According to Tom Lazuka, it was his idea.

Norway Viking Cigars

Viking Cigars: Spreading the Viking Spirit

Viking Cigars represents the nordic spirit. Embodied in three cigars. It’s about swords and schoolyard fights, an just a hint of Cuba. Arnt Ånensen and Hawk Aanonsen want to offer cigars for “real” men.