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Vintage & History

La Meridiana Diaz

Cuba’s Historic Cigar Factories: Pedro Murias’ La Meridiana

Cuba’s Historic Cigar Factories: Pedro Murias’ La Meridiana

The factory founder’s name is almost entirely unknown today. However, towards the end of the 19th century, Pedro Murias was one of the leading manufacturers of cigars in Havana.

Read the Story of the Aluminium Cigar Tube

Aluminium cigar tubes are as much part of the Havana cigar scene as labelled boxes, cedar cabinets and elegant humidors. The traditional hand-crafted boxes have been around for centuries. But when did tubes first make an appearance and who thought of the idea?

Montecristo: 80th Anniversary of Cuba’s Best-Selling Brand

Students of the origins of Havana cigar brands will know that Montecristo came in just five sizes named numerically and it has always been assumed that the initial athletic line-up formed Montecristo’s range from the very beginning in 1935. However, during his research into the history of Hunters & Frankau, Simon Chase found some documents that suggest a rather different story.