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    Autumn Edition 2000: Gérard Depardieu – Movies, Wine & Cigars
    Winter Edition 2000: Joseph Vilsmaier – Cigar Personality of the Year

    Autumn Edition 2001: Michael Jordan – Smoking Air

    Spring Edition 2002: Heino Ferch
    Summer Edition 2002: Halle Berry – The New Bond Girl
    Winter Edition 2002: Cigar Trophies 2002

    Autumn Edition 2003: Verona Feldbusch – Star & Cult Figure

    Spring Edition 2005: Luigi Colani – Design Guru
    Summer Edition 2005: Tatjana Tiziana – Surreal Baroque
    Winter Edition 2005: Willi Weber – The Mastermind Behind Schumacher

    Summer Edition 2007: Andrea L’Arronge – Power Lady
    Autumn Edition 2007: Wolf D. Prix – Mr. BMW-World
    Winter Edition 2007: Maya Selva’s Paris

    Spring Edition 2008: City Portrait – Fumar en Madrid
    Summer Edition 2008: Birth of a New Brand: Winston Churchill
    Autumn Edition 2008: Hunters & Frankau – A British Dynasty

    Spring Edition 2010: Oliva – Global Expansion
    Summer Edition 2010: Rocky Patel – The Next Level
    Autumn Edition 2010: Heinrich Villiger – Life in Tobacco
    Winter Edition 2010: Pepin Garcia – Born in a Factory

    Spring Edition 2011: Nick Perdomo, the Perfectionist
    Summer Edition 2011: Gurkha Cigars – Super Premium
    Autumn Edition 2011: Toraño Becoming a Cigar Dynasty
    Winter Edition 2011: The Ashton-Story

    Summer Edition 2012: JC Newman – America’s Oldest Cigar Family
    Autumn Edition 2012: The Women in the Cigar Industry
    Winter Edition 2012: Cigars & Charity

    Spring Edition 2013: La Flor Dominicana Holds the Only Cigar Patent
    Summer Edition 2013: AJ Fernandez – Discipline and Passion
    Autumn Edition 2013: Nestor Plasencia Sr.
    Winter Edition 2013: Daniel Marshall is Mr. Golden Cigar

    Spring Edition 2014: Rocky Patel – It’s a Lifestyle
    Summer Edition 2014: Drew Estate – Willy Herrera
    Autumn Edition 2014: Rafael Nodal, Master of Boutique Blends
    Winter Edition 2014: The Global Players in the Cigar World

    Spring Edition 2015: The Rebirth of Davidoff
    Summer Edition 2015 – Gurkha Cigars: No Compromises
    Autumn Edition 2015 – Maya Selva Cigars
    Winter Edition 2015 – Cigar Legend Avo Uvezian

    Spring Edition 2016: Vahe Gerards’s Airkel
    Summer Edition 2016: Mexico’s Casa Turrent
    Autumn Edition 2016: The Nanny State
    Winter Edition 2016: La Aurora

    Spring Edition 2017: Christian Eiroa, the King of Authentic Corojo Seed
    Summer Edition 2017: Plasencia – Filling the Boots of an Iconic Family
    Autumn Edition 2017: José O. Padrón – Memorable Moments in my Life

    Spring Edition 2018: Joya de Nicaragua
    Summer Edition 2018: Oscar Valladares
    Autumn Edition 2018: Nicholas Perdomo III
    Winter Edition 2018: Carlito Fuente

    Spring Edition 2019: Boris Wintermans
    Summer Edition 2019: Pete Johnson
    Autumn Edition 2019: Fred Vandermarlière
    Winter Edition 2019: J.C. Newman Cigar Co.

    Summer Edition 2020: Davidoff – Beat Hauenstein
    Autumn Edition 2020: Jonathan Drew – Drew Estate
    Winter Edition 2020: Robert Levin – Ashton Cigars

    Spring Edition 2021: Alec Bradley Cigars
    Summer Edition 2021: Glen Case & Kristoff Cigars
    Autumn Edition 2021: Jeremiah Meerapfel
    Winter Edition 2021: Julio Eirora

    Spring Edition 2022: Karen Berger
    Summer Edition 2022: A.J. Fernández
    Autumn Edition 2022: Jochy Blanco
    Winter Edition 2022: The New Normal

    Spring Edition 2023: Nirka Reyes
    Summer Edition 2023: Jeff Borysiewicz
    Autumn Edition 2023 – Eric Piras
    Winter Edition 2023 – Manuel Quesada

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