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Current Issue

As well as numerous news items about new launches, and events all around the globe, our writers offer up a concentrated charge of firsthand impressions from the cigar world, and in-depth information also in our new issue.

You can find the new issue of Cigar Journal in tobacconist stores and at newsstands all over the world.

The following is an overview of the contents of the current issue:

Smoky Spirits
Cover Story: Beat Hauenstein, Davidoff
Blind Tasting: 60 Blind-Tasted Cigars
Collectors’ Passion: The History of the Brand la Escepción
Destination Georgia
A day, a city, and some cigars | Innsbruck Austria
Destination Ribera del duero
London – A cigar Lover’s Heaven
The Rebirth of the Brazilian Cigar Industry
Günter Liska – The Event Maker
Cigar Knowledge: For Beginners
JRE Cigars – Honduran Cameroon
Cigar Friendship: A Meeting of Old and New Generations
Cigar Brands: Maya Selva
Pairing: Gin and Tobacco
Padrino Cigars
Cigar Personality: David Blanco
Cigar Industry: Rubén González
Brand Portrait: My Father
Cigar Knowledge: The Multisensory Orchestra
Cigar Knowledge: To Cut, to Punch or to Notch?
Cigar Box Factory Estelí
Bars & Cigars: Paris
Cigar Secrets
Cigar Accessory: Ramón la Camera Humidors
Bongani Cigars
Most memorable cigar: Eric Piras