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In this edition, our authors once again introduce you to companies that have dedicated their heart and soul to cigars. So in issue 1/2024, read the story of Cortez Cigars in New Jersey, which started planting Cuban organic seeds there in 2020. If you want to know how successful this experiment was, read the article starting on page 124.

Again we present several companies that are small, fine manufacturers: Konscious Cigars, for example. Originally created in the cigar city of Tampa, Florida, the brand is now available in 20 states and will soon be available worldwide. Or RoMa Craft: What do you get when a scientist and a sales manager create a cigar together?

Our Habanos expert Nicola Di Nunzio again presents an exceptional collector’s item from Cuba in this magazine.

And as always, we introduce you to interesting travel destinations, naturally with essential information for cigar smokers. Author Samuel Spurr takes a cigar trip through Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and discovers fascinating contrasts.

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