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Current Issue

As well as numerous news items about new launches, and events all around the globe, our writers offer up a concentrated charge of firsthand impressions from the cigar world, and in-depth information also in our new issue.

You can find the new issue of Cigar Journal in tobacconist stores and at newsstands all over the world.

The following is an overview of the contents of the current issue:

Smoky Spirits
Cover Story: Rocky Patel
Blind Tasting: 60 Blind-Tasted Cigars
Backstage: Behind the Scenes of the Cigar Journal Blind Tasting
Cigar Knowledge: A Battle of the Witolds: Box-pressed or Round?
Destination Jordan
Cigar Secrets
Cigar Personality: Andrea Lo Cicero
Cigar Smoking World Championship 2020
Collectors’ Passion: the History of the Brand Dunhill
Cigar Knowledge: Cigar and Tequila
Best Buy: Tequila
Bars & Cigars in Mexico City
Interview with Heinrich Villiger
Event: Smoke in the Sunset
Accessories: Les Fines Lames
Destination Luxembourg
Cigar Personality: Gaby Kafie
Brand Portrait: Casdagli Cigars
Cigar Knowledge: No Such Thing as No Taste
International Cigar Expo
Cigar Personality: Claudio Sgroi
Cigar Knowledge:  The International Association of Cigar Sommeliers
Tavesa Cigars
Vegafina 1998
Most Memorable Cigar of Abraham Flores