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Cigar Bunching

How Many Leaves Go Into Making One Cigar?

How Many Leaves Go Into Making One Cigar?

The answer isn’t as straight-forward as you might think. Of course, it’s obvious that the amount of tobacco used will vary considerably from Vitola to Vitola, and that it will also be influenced by the density of the roll. It can be said that the wrapper and the binder each use one half of a tobacco leaf.

marzadro espressioni teroldego 6 years bottle

For the Afternoon: Marzadro Espressioni Teroldego

An extraordinary example of barrel-matured grappa. The fruity sweetness, merging with the bitter almond and mild woody tones on the tongue, is the ideal starting point for a distinguished encounter. A Primeros Nicaragua Maduro by Davidoff, with its texture of spicy toast boosts the liquid interaction between fruity sweetness and woody aromas.

global players cigar world cigar boxes story opener

Global Players in the Cigar World – A View on Recent Market Activity

During the last few years, however, there seems to be movement in the branch. Manufacturers are now increasingly entering the new markets. Nevertheless, increasingly more manufacturers are aiming to create globally strong brands. How the world market will look in the future is still hard to predict. The spirit of adventure has been drawn out, however, and the mood is good.

torcedor rafael barrera la flor domenicana one day

One Day in the Life of Rafael Barrera

La Flor Dominicana opened its factory in Tamboril in 1996. Torcedor Rafael is now 38 years old and has worked at La Flor Dominicana for 16 years, almost from the start. All in all, he’s happy with his choice of workplace and with his career. The intimate cigar world that is Tamboril exposes itself once more.

xikar keppel almsberger portrait idea

Xikar: The American Dream from the Garage

Who is the best partner for a cigar smoker? There are several: The cutter, the auger and the lighter. They should be practical; good design is preferable, and the cutter should cut like a knife through butter. Xikar offers all this to perfection, while behind the name there is a typical American entrepreneur story.

punch serie d oro no 2 limited edition 2013 box

Ediciónes Limitadas – Innovation Born of Necessity

It all began in 2000 when Habanos S.A. introduced the line Ediciónes Limitadas that represented one of the very first ideas for special, limited-production cigars. For the first five years, Limited Editions were only found in five brands: Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagás and Hoyo de Monterrey. By now, until 2014, there have been forty-eight Limited Editions in total.

ximenez spinola very old pedro ximenez bottle

Complex Sherry: Ximénez-Spínola Very Old Pedro Ximenez D.O.

Who needs a dessert? This complex single variety sherry brings with it everything you need – aromas of a luxurious plum juice, harmonious fruity acidity and dark chocolate. And with it, an Aniversario No. 1 by Schuster ensures an exciting expansion of the range of aromas.



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