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VCF Eliminates 100 Tons of Plastic from its Production Process

Fred Vandermarliere, CEO of VCF ( Vandermarliere Family of Cigars ), received a VCDO annual certificate from Voka today, as a reward for the company’s successful efforts in the field of sustainability. VCF signed a sustainability charter in 2021 and, in consultation with the Flemish employers’ organisation VOKA, set 20 concrete, measurable objectives, all of

Tabacalera de García: How a Giant Works…

Driving past the premises of Tabacalera de García in La Romana, one already senses the grandiose dimensions of the world’s largest cigar factory. An endless sea of mopeds glitters in the Dominican midday sun. Thousands of specialists daily produce a huge amount of cigars. We have the opportunity to meet the man who is responsible for ensuring that the cogwheels of the mega-operation run smoothly and never stop: factory director, Javier Elmudesi.



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