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raising the american flag in cuba with kerry

Visiting Cuba: “Before the Americans Come”

Visiting Cuba: “Before the Americans Come”

The idea that change is around the corner for Cuba is widespread right now. The change itself is being predicted to happen any time between this year and ten years from now. But most Cubans and outsiders do expect grand changes to occur soon.

jonathan drew estate

Drew Estate: From Kiosk to Global Cigar Company

In 1996, Brooklyn native Jonathan Drew opened a cigar kiosk in New York’s World Trade Center. That kiosk dramatically changed the course of Drew’s life – and that of many others. Today, Drew Estate, as it is now known, operates the second-largest premium cigar factory in the world.

rocky patel nimish desai nish patel group portrait

It’s a Lifestyle: Rocky Patel Premium Cigars

Cigars bearing the name Rocky Patel are expected to be something special. And they are. Since founding the company, Rocky Patel has created and approved every single cigar blend. Each one served a unique purpose at the time. Over the decades, this is how Rocky Patel cigars have developed a broad portfolio.

dion giolito illusion fumare portrait smoke

Boutique Cigars: Dion Giolitos Hottest Illusione

Looking up the word ‘picky’ in a lexicon, you may find a photo of Dion Giolito. The Illusione brand owner doesn’t worry about how many cigars he makes, only that they’re exactly right. Illusione is probably the most boutique of all boutique brands.

karen lee regional director st dupont america portrait with cigar evening

Leading Women of the Cigar World

Looking at cigars from more than one angle is important to us. We want to fully explore this industry, its changes, and how it is changing the world. Since the creation of cigars, women and men have worked in tobacco side by side. In this article we are featuring stories of some of the women leading the cigar industry today.



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