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Author Archives: Reinhold C. Widmayer

Southside Cigar & Tobacco | Cigar Friendly: Indianapolis, IN

A Wednesday morning in Indianapolis, a ten-minute drive south of the city center: four older men have taken a seat at the card table in front of the walk-in humidor and are immersed in their game. Opposite, in the lounge area, a small group talks about the most interesting offers from the local auto parts shops. The walls are decorated with cigar posters, boxes and souvenir photos of various festivals.

Davidoff Exclusives 2019

Davidoff Exclusive 25 Years Cigar Journal

The Davidoff and Cigar Journal brands have been friends for 25 years. Both companies strive to meet the highest demands of cigar connoisseurs. Both companies are active worldwide and both address the same target groups. So what could be more natural than to create a cigar together for the 25th anniversary of the Cigar Journal? Sam Reuter, Global Brand Ambassador and Head of Product Development & Strategic Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff, reveals the following about the Blend: “For this special anniversary, we came up with a special blend that is very balanced, aromatic and multi-layered due to its tobacco age – just like our relationship to the Cigar Journal.



Each year, our tasting panel members smoke hundreds of cigars in order to give you the results of these blind tastings with the most objective impressions possible through our ratings. At the end of the year, we traditionally use the occasion to select those cigars that have remained in our memory.

CSWC 2019

The official results for CSWC 2019

The 10th Cigar Smoking World Championship is over. More than 200 guests from 29 countries enjoyed a smoke-filled weekend in the beautiful town of Split, Croatia. 127 competitors, among them 25 women, were registered. The organizing committee has now announced the official results. The 2019 world champion is Oleg Pedan, Russia (206 minutes and 43


Cigar Smoking World Championship celebrating 10th Anniversary

Cigar enthusiasts from all over the world are gathering in Split, Croatia, this weekend to participate in the 10th Cigar Smoking World Championship. What is considered to be the slowest race on earth is a slow smoking contest, established 10 years ago by Mr. Marko Bilic, president of the Mareva Cigar Club in Split. The