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José Orlando Padrón Cigar Journal Cover

The New Cigar Journal Autmn Edition 2017 is Shipping Worldwide

We hope you enjoyed the articles in our Summer edition. Our latest issue is now on its way to subscribers worldwide! Not yet a subscriber? Don’t worry: you can find the current issue of Cigar Journal at news kiosks, in train station bookshops and at tobacconists. If your favorite vendor doesn’t carry the magazine, just

Padrón Family Reserve No. 50 Maduro Named #2 of Top 25

The Family Reserve No. 50 was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Padrón Cigars and was launched in the USA at the end of 2014, and worldwide in 2015. Tasting notes: Fine honey and chocolate sweetness, underlaid by espresso, woody and roasted aromas …

jose orlando padron cigar journal lifetime achievement award ecj trophy 2008

José Orlando Padrón Honored for Lifetime Achievement

When José Orlando Padrón arrived in Miami in 1962 he had to live on the 60 dollars a month that the US government granted Cuban refugees. Today he employs more than 600 people and his cigars are amongst the best in the world. We bow to this lifetime achievement.



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