CJ 18/4

How tobacco conquers living space

How tobacco conquers living space

Everything starts with a cigar. No matter how long you have already indulged in the pleasure of the rolled tobacco, in the end, it’s all about one particular cigar. There probably isn’t a cigar smoker for whom this one cigar, over time, hasn’t changed quite a bit.

Carlos Fuente Jr.: We are all one

Since the death of his father on August 5, 2016, Carlito has been the head of the family. That Fuente is one of the most important cigar families (yearly production approx. 30 million cigars) and produces many of the most coveted cigars in the world is adequately known. But who is this man?

José Blanco

Cigar Knowledge: What Is Meant By Strength?

Arguably the biggest misconception in the cigar industry is the use or misuse of the term “strength.” Many smokers often describe it as the flavors or lack of flavors that entertain the palate. In actuality, the palate has very little to do with determining the strength of a cigar. We asked a few industry heavyweights to clarify the term for us.



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