How tobacco conquers living space

Everything starts with a cigar. No matter how long you have already indulged in the pleasure of the rolled tobacco, in the end, it’s all about one particular cigar. There probably isn’t a cigar smoker for whom this one cigar, over time, hasn’t changed quite a bit. Even if the process begins gradually, out of one small humidor for ten cigars, a cutter and the lighters ultimately becomes a collection, a smorgasbord, and, finally, a very special lifestyle that differentiates the passionado from a simple smoker. This doesn’t necessarily mean wood-paneled walls, lavish libraries and whisky bars in the brick vaulted basement of a Scottish mansion. For the cigar lifestyle conquers even the smallest hut. The longer you enjoy cigars, the faster you’re confronted with a rare phenomenon: that, over time, humidors shrink! I don’t mean that they actually get smaller, but that, after a while, you need more space because the collection grows in relation to your own taste spectrum. Now, there’s the possibility of investing in a sufficiently large humidor cabinet, but this can sometimes quickly blow your budget. The following are some suggestions for how to cost-effectively create more room for your rolled delicacies.

Furniture made from pallets or plywood is very trendy, whether as garden furniture or right in the living room. Above all, the space between the individual slats can be used. The construction illustrated essentially consists of four Euro-pallets, a piece of carpet as a base, and a mattress, including support. The spaces in-between are perfect for storing books, newspapers, or even a humidor or two. It is about 20 centimeters high, meaning that almost all cigar storage options for between 15 and 20 cigars fit almost exactly. If you don’t have enough living space at your disposal to accommodate a table or cabinet humidor, this solution is a really good alternative. The pallet sofa is very comfortable – we tested it ourselves – and is particularly inviting to relax and enjoy a cigar. A well-known Swedish furniture manufacturer revolutionized the world of furniture with a very famous and, above all, simple bookshelf. So it was only a matter of time until a cigar cabinet was combined with a bookshelf, DIY. You can find various small cabinets that fit well into bookshelves on the relevant second-hand platforms. In this case here, these plastic cabinets were lined with cedar from Partagás cigar boxes and decorated with LED string lights from Baumarkt [hardware store] for a few euros. This practical construction has enough room to stow whole boxes. In addition, you can expand the storage space to the entire bookshelf. Books and cigars have always been a good match, so it’s no wonder that there are also cigar boxes designed as books. A particularly successful example are the boxes by De los Reyes from the Saga series. These boxes are especially suitable for storing accessories like cutters, lighters or matches. It’s also a great space-saving solution. The cigars are probably also recommended.

A coffee table can provide plenty of storage space as well. Especially for storage boxes that have airtight lids. These are suitable for the long-term storage of cigar boxes. The table pictured is made of a steel frame with a marble plate as support; inbetween, two pieces of fabric were placed to cover the not necessarily pretty containers, which provide space for about 10 cigar boxes and can be bought at your local hardware store cheaply. In this case, Boveda is used for humidification. It’s not only cigars that connoisseurs appreciate. Even the sometimes splendidly decorated boxes are well received by cigar lovers. It’s no wonder, then, that it’s often difficult to part with them. Cigar boxes are, for example, suitable to use as gift boxes or as a storage option, particularly for very unusual cigar rings. In addition to the already presented pallet sofa is a lamp, whose base was made out of cigar boxes. The boxes were screwed together; a hole provides a cable duct. The red lampshade provides dimmed light and a relaxed atmosphere. As you can see, enjoyment is never a question of budget but merely a challenge to one’s own creativity. It’s wonderful to see how we adapt our lives to pleasure in order to create very special moments in everyday life. Moments that show us what gifts life has to offer. It’s a journey that never ends. And that is something wonderful.

Klaus Hruby learned his trade as a journalist at a young age and published articles in various media such as Die Zeit, Der Falter, as well as in renowned literature competitions in German-speaking countries. His love for cigars was ignited during his apprenticeship; his great-grandfather still owned a tobacco field. Klaus Hruby has been writing Austria’s biggest cigar blog,, since 2014.




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