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Dunbarton line extensions and a secret

Dunbarton line extensions and a secret

Steve Saka will be unveiling two line extensions at the PCA this week.  The first is a new Triqui Traca 448.  Triqui Traca is part of the Mi Querida line and was based on his firecracker he did over 4 years ago for Two Guys Smoke Shop.  The idea is that the Triqui Traca is

José Blanco

Cigar Knowledge: What Is Meant By Strength?

Arguably the biggest misconception in the cigar industry is the use or misuse of the term “strength.” Many smokers often describe it as the flavors or lack of flavors that entertain the palate. In actuality, the palate has very little to do with determining the strength of a cigar. We asked a few industry heavyweights to clarify the term for us.