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Author Archives: George Manzella

The Shapiros

The Shapiros & the “Good Smoke” | Cigar Friendly: Norwalk, CT

The Shapiros & the “Good Smoke” | Cigar Friendly: Norwalk, CT

The Shapiro family has been in the cigar business for nearly 100 years. In 1922, Morris Shapiro and his brother, Isador, opened a candy store and smoke shop in New York City called Shapiro’s Smoke Shop. A journey through the decades has transformed the family business from a tiny shop in Manhattan into a 4,000-square-foot

José Blanco

Cigar Knowledge: What Is Meant By Strength?

Arguably the biggest misconception in the cigar industry is the use or misuse of the term “strength.” Many smokers often describe it as the flavors or lack of flavors that entertain the palate. In actuality, the palate has very little to do with determining the strength of a cigar. We asked a few industry heavyweights to clarify the term for us.

Fuente Watch

Cigar Artist Manny Iriarte On the Design of the Anniversary Fuente Watch

Manny Iriarte is perhaps the most sought-after artist in the cigar industry. His passion runs deep, his designs are meticulous, and his concepts are brilliant. Together with the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Hublot, he designed the Classic Fusion 45 mm Fuente 20th Anniversary Special Edition.

Cigar Festivals USA 2018

Festival Calendar: The Best Cigar Festivals in the USA in 2017

Brace yourself for an action packed year of smoke-filled fun across the United States. This year’s lineup has lost a couple of long-standing festivals but promises to bring back the beloved favorites.