Dunbarton line extensions and a secret

Steve Saka will be unveiling two line extensions at the PCA this week.  The first is a new Triqui Traca 448.  Triqui Traca is part of the Mi Querida line and was based on his firecracker he did over 4 years ago for Two Guys Smoke Shop.  The idea is that the Triqui Traca is a little firecracker with the small format the punchiest at 4 x 48. It will retail for USD 8.95.

The second line extension comes from his Sin Compromiso and this one is the Paladin de Saka. This limited edition is a 7 x 52 and Saka says it is a bolder version of his Sin Compromiso line.  The difference is he is using Pennsylvania Seedleaf ligero and then adjusting the other fillers.  It has a firmer box press than the usual line in order to slow down the burn and allow the Seedleaf ligero to shine without any bitterness.  Only 1,000 boxes will be available and the retail price for this cigar is USD 28.75.

The big secret Saka is revealing is that he’s been a pipe smoker for about 30 years, but he never posts or talks about it.  Being a pipe smoker he loves pipe tobacco and during the Covid year since he couldn’t go to Nicaragua, he looked into pipe tobacco.  One of his favorite companies is  Cornell & Diehl in South Carolina.  Jeremy Reeves, the master blender for Cornell & Diehl, is also a cigar smoker and a fan of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust.  While adding pipe tobacco to cigars is not new, in this case Saka wanted to use absolutely top end pipe tobaccos and then craft a cigar to compliment that experience.  He says the result is like smoking a pipe without all the hassles.  The new line is called Stillwell Star with four unique smoking experiences.  The name comes from pipes which usually are a contemplative process where the smoker needs to be still in order to be rewarded with the feeling of wellness.  Be Still Be Well is the original moniker for Stillwell Star.

Stillwell Star Aromatic No.1 is a combination of aromatic Black Cavensish, Golden Virginia and Burley tobaccos combined with Nicaragua tobaccos for a mild to medium smoke with a sweet tip.

Stillwell Star English No.27 is a mix of Burley and Turkish leaf with Cypriot latakia.  He says it is rich and decadent and at medium to full the strongest of the line.

Bayou No.32 uses Bright and Red Virginia leaf with select St. James Parish Perique for a medium plus experience.

Navy No.1065 uses a crumble cake of stoved Red and Golden Virginia tobaccos with Orientals and Latakia blended with dark air-cured black cigar leaf for a unique aromatic flavor.  It is Medium.

All of the Stillwell Stars will come in 13 count boxes with a retail price of USD 15.30.

A 2-time Emmy award winner, Frank Seltzer is a former Correspondent for CNN, Voice of America and a producer for ABC News. He has been regularly covering the cigar industry for over 15 years.


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