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Jochy Blanco

Meeting Industry Icon Jochy Blanco

Meeting Industry Icon Jochy Blanco

It’s not a stretch to say that what Sir George Martin was to the Beatles, Jochy Blanco has been to a whole host of boutique cigar makers.

Portrait of León Herbert

La Aurora – The History of Five Generations in the Tobacco Industry

When it comes to La Aurora in the Dominican Republic, it’s more than just about cigar production: it is the living history of the country, the core of one of the most important business groups of the Dominican economy, and thus also a family history.

La Aurora to Open Teaching Center La Aurora Cigar Institute in the Dominican Republic

La Aurora announced the opening of a teaching facility as part of their La Aurora Cigar World in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dom. Rep in February. The institution’s aim is to educate and teach about the world of cigars in a didactic manner, through a group of recognized professionals.