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Habanos Terrace Portofino Italy

Habanos Hot Spots: A Global Overview

Habanos Hot Spots: A Global Overview

Habano locations comprises more than 200 tobacco shops and lounges specializing in Habanos worldwide. Find the details on all of them here.

Maya Selva to Visit Hong Kong and Japan for Events in October

Maya Selva, manufacturer of the cigar brands Flor de Selva, Villa Zamorano, and Cumpay, will be visiting Hong Kong and Japan in mid-October. A number of events planned by distributor Eric Piras of Cigraal will allow experienced cigar lovers and newcomers to discover Maya’s cigars alongside her.

The P&L Club Cohiba

Asia’s Largest Cigar Company: Pacific Cigar Company

Established in 1992 by Mr. David Tang, the Pacific Cigar Company (PCC) is the official Habanos S.A. distributor for the Asia-Pacific region. Geographically it is one of the largest, supplying Habanos cigars to 37 countries..