Cohiba Atmosphere Havana

New Cigar Lounge in Havana: Cohiba Atmosphere

Osmani Rios in Cohiba Atmosphere

Photo: Alecandre Avellar | Shop manager Osmany Rios in the walk-in humidor of the new Cohiba Atmosphere in Havana

The opening of the newest hotel in Havana, the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski, made headlines throughout the world, but it was the new Cohiba Atmosphere located in the adjacent shopping mall complex on the first floor that drew more interest from cigar enthusiasts. 

A nice selection of spirits and a La Cimbali coffee machine offer the perfect pairing for a great cigar. In fact, having a coffee and a cigar at this new place is almost a must-do on the program of any cigar smoker visiting Havana. 

Another great incentive to stop by is to have a conversation with lounge manager Osmany Rios. Osmany formerly managed La Casa del Habano at 5th avenue and 16th street in Miramar before spending some years working for the Habanos distributor in Canada. 

One of the advantages of this store is that any cigar box available in the humidor can be sold by unit. (Normally, the La Casa del Habano in Cuba only offers a limited variety of single cigars.) The bad news is that the units or boxes at this Cohiba Atmosphere are around 30% more expensive than in other shops in the city. Because it is located inside a shopping mall, many non-smokers enter the store just to look around while visiting the other shops. This may be a little annoying for someone who wants more privacy while enjoying a good cigar. On the second floor, two lounges and a meeting room provide another option for avoiding the movement down below. 

There are lockers located on the second floor, and the door, reminiscent of a bank-safe door, encourages confidence and safety for locker holders. 

As with many new enterprises, some adjustments are needed, but according to Osmany Rios many improvements are to be carried out during the next few months. 


Cohiba Atmosphere Havana

In the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski Calle San Rafael (between Monserrate and Zulueta) Habana Vieja Havana, Cuba

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Alexandre Avellar is considered Brazil's main reference in cigars. In 2010 he founded the Conexão Tabaco/Tudo Sobre Charuto, the country's #1 cigar news website. He also writes for many cigar publications around the world. He has been nominated to the Habanos S.A. the Hombre Habano del Año (Habanos Man of the Year) trophy for Communications in the 15th and 16th Habanos Festival. He travels around the world covering the main events and promoting the culture of smoking cigars.


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