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Beach Dominican Republick

Dominican Republic – Dream Destination for Cigar Smokers

Dominican Republic – Dream Destination for Cigar Smokers

Learn all you can about cigars while drinking piña coladas at pristine beaches and playing golf at a luxury resorts. For a cigar smoker, the Dominican Republic is definitely a dream destination.

koval couple whiskey barrels cellar

Koval Whiskey: Austrian Distillery Tradition in Chicago

Robert Birnecker dreamed of taking Austria’s time-honored distillery tradition to the United States. His Koval brand has achieved that dream – though not with Old World-style fruit brandies, but by producing distinctly New World whiskeys. Two years after the company’s founding, his creations already won several awards.

froehlich kellner tasting tobacco chemical elements terroir

Terroir – What are the Factors that Influence the Flavor of Tobacco?

Plenty of iron in the soil gives plenty of aroma, the ratio between calcium and magnesium determines the amount of sweetness in the tobacco – therefore, the factor terroir is a decisive criterion for the taste of tobacco.

h-k hoejsgaard at davidoff store geneva streetview

Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard and the Rebirth of Davidoff

In the recent past, no other cigar manufacturer has garnered as much attention as Oettinger Davidoff AG. Since Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard took the helm in 2011, Davidoff seems to have experienced a renaissance.

passionada lightning a cigar

IWCS Survey: Passionadas Characterize the Cigar Scene

Women in the cigar scene are no longer just an appendage to passionados. Passionadas characterize the cigar scene. They come “voluntarily”, not acting as chaperones but as attendees in their own right, to club nights, cigar events, tastings and trade fairs. They know pretty much what they want to smoke and are quite knowledgeable.



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