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Who are the Buyers of High-Priced Vintage Cigars?

Who are the Buyers of High-Priced Vintage Cigars?

The vintage cigar market can be an enigmatic place, with players unwilling to reveal their sources, collections or investments for fear of alerting their competitors. With some information from a few specialists, Nick Hammond found out that vintage buyers can be divided into two distinct groups.

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Head of ANT Juan Martínez about the Cigar Boom in Nicaragua

The cigar industry in Nicaragua continues to grow and create jobs for the people of Estelí. The industry’s figures are now within reach of those of the Dominican Republic. Cigar Journal spoke to Juan Martínez, head of Asociación Nicaragüense de Tabacaleros (ANT) and executive president of Joya de Nicaragua.

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How to Build Your Own Walk-In Humidor – Part One

For cigar geeks, the path from table humidor to cabinet humidor is basically predestined. And because it is an unwritten rule that sooner or later every humidor becomes a bit too small, the idea of a walk-in humidor is suddenly not so far-fetched after all.

Discussing the International Family Company Villiger With Heinrich Villiger

The Swiss cigar manufacturer Heinrich Villiger has not only shaped the company Villiger Söhne for over 60 years, but also acquired a knowledge of tobacco that is unparalleled. We sat down with him for an interview on the occasion of his 85th birthday.



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