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Woermann Cigars: 125 Years of Corporate History

Woermann Cigars has an eventful corporate history behind it. This year, the company is celebrating its 125th anniversary, and, with it, a success story in the German tobacco industry. In 1880 in Bünde-Hüffen, a branch of the cigar factory was established, which wasn’t included in the trade register until 1890. It is this year that marks the starting point of Woermann Cigars’ history.


Some of the original products – all of them cigars – are still available today, such as the “Keulen” format or the popular “Seefahrer.” After the dire wars and the prosperous 1960s, Peter Woermann, who runs the company in its fourth generation, built a big new factory in 1998 in Rödinghausen.

Thomas Strickrock joined the company as an associate with his marketing expertise in 2001, and has been running it alongside Peter ever since.

Woermann Cigars is not only known as one of the leading private brand producers for companies such as John Aylesbury, Wolsdorff Tobacco, Niemeyer Cigarren, and Barbarino, but also as a “Canary importer” [importing cigars from the Canary Islands].

In the meantime, however, the company also distributes the Dominican brand Aging Room, and sells cigars by A. J. Fernandez from Nicaragua and the famous Indonesian clove cigars by Djarum. Well-known rum brands such as Botucal, Don Papa, Prohibido, Ron Aldea, and Atlantico complete the company’s product portfolio.

Strickrock is positive about future prospects: “Good cigars and cigar lovers will be around over the next 125 years, because we won’t let our pleasure be taken away from us.”

To mark their anniversary, in the summer of 2015, Woermann Cigars will offer the Brazil Shortfiller 125 Years Woermann Cigars Limitada Arapiraca and the Figurada cigar 125 Years Woermann Cigars 1890 from the Dominican Republic.


Woermann Cigars GmbH


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