Summer Edition 2015 – Gurkha Cigars: No Compromises

cj_cover_summer_2015_gurkhaFor Cigar Journal’s summer issue, we caught up with Kaizad Hansotia, owner of Gurkha Cigars, about how he acquired the rights to the historic brand, his uncompromising nature, unusual designs and his high-priced premium cigars that are separate from the core brand. The conversation provides a deeper insight into one of the most extravagant high-end brands on today’s market.

Additional highlights of the new issue: We interviewed Juan Martínez, President of the Nicaraguan Tobacco Growers’ Association (ANT), about Nicaragua’s potential as a cigar-producing country and about his predictions for the future. Simon Chase explains how cold winter weather in Cuba affects tobacco quality. We also get to the bottom of vintage cigar collections: who’s buying them, what they’re buying, and why. We even dip our toes into the pairing of desserts and cigars: Samuel Spurr reports on the results of a tasting in Australia. Humidor expert Marc André explains how to build a walk-in humidor. And as usual, we review the 60 cigars we’ve smoked for you for this issue, including new releases like the recently-launched Casa Turrent and Padrón Family Reserve No. 50 Natural.

If you missed this edition, you can order a back-issue.  

The following is an overview of the contents of the 2/2015 edition.

Cigar News
Davidoff Continues to Gain Momentum
Smoky Spirits
Kaizad Hansotia Makes no Compromises
Blind Tasting: 60 Cigars
Cigar Sense: New Resource for Cigar Lovers
MAB by Miroslav Bajtos
My&Mi to Expand
Davidoff Regency Program
Interview With Heinrich Villiger
Walk-In Humidor: Build Your Own
Dessert or Cigar … Why Choose?
125 Years for Woermann Cigars
Where to Smoke in Baden, Germany
Cigar Boom in Nicaragua
Cigar Box Factory Estelí
Cigars & Bars in Miami Beach
Lighter Maintenance: A Burning Issue
The Blessings of a Cold Winter in Cuba
Who are the Buyers of Vintage Cigars?
One Day in the Life of the Cigar Box Factory Manager at Santa Clara
Inside Cuba: Cuba’s Torcedor Reynaldo
Where to Smoke at Jamaica
Tobacco & Arts: Cuban Author Leonardo Padura
225 Years of Hunters & Frankau: A Landmark in Cigar History
Cooking & Cigars: Cool Recipes for Warm Days
Crossover Tasting: Desserts & Cigars

Cigar Trivia: All About Spanish Cedar



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