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Garden Room Lanesborough London

Up Close: The Garden Room at the Lanesborough Hotel London

Up Close: The Garden Room at the Lanesborough Hotel London

The Garden Room’s humidor is legendary, with sticks ranging from current production classics to original Behikes costing thousands. Add to that an astonishing range of vintage wines, ports, whiskies and Cognacs dating back to 1770 and you have an epicurean’s heaven.

alejandro martinez cuenca joya de nicaragua lighting up cigar factory

It’s Hard to Top the History of Joya de Nicaragua

Dictator ownership, nationalization, worker control, brand success, market lows, trademark loss and official cigar supplier for the White House … It’s hard to top the history of the first and oldest commercial cigar producer in Nicaragua. This year the “Jewel of Nicaragua”, established by two Cuban exiles, is celebrating 45 years of social, political and managerial changes with an anniversary brand.

oettinger davidoff ag ladies masterclass london participants lighting cigar

Infiltrating a Male Bastion – Davidoff Ladies’ Masterclass

Delighted by their success in London, Davidoff is now planning Ladies’ Masterclasses in Paris, Vienna and Madrid. Exploring London’s Cigar Rooms, aficionadas are not only defying the smoking ban and the British weather, they are also infiltrating one of the last remaining male bastions and, armed with their new-found Masterclass know-how, they’re doing it with great confidence and style.



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