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Brussels and Ghent: The Best Cigar Shops & Lounges

Brussels and Ghent: The Best Cigar Shops & Lounges

Cigar travel journalist Gabriela Greess takes us on a trip through Belgium, to Brussels and Ghent. Read all about the best places to indulge and shop.

stephan praetorius habanos nordic logo cohiba

Habanos Nordic: Puros at the North Pole

In Finland and Iceland there is an absolute ban on tobacco promotion. Nevertheless the Swede Stephan Praetorius, manager-in-chief at Habanos Nordic AB, has increased the sale of Habanos by a third within one decade. The exclusive distributor of Cuban cigars for northern Europe employs a staff of 13 and offers a range of around 135 vitolas – practically the entire Habanos range.

roman symonowicz portrait cigar poker

Roman Szymonowicz and the Fine Art of Bluffing

On his finger, a massive poker ring; in his hand a Habano – ready for the next delightful draw. What is the real art of emerging as the winner of a poker tournament? Roman Symonowicz, a former manager in the automobile industry, uses the poker game to rise above himself: it’s a discipline that he has perfectly mastered.

maori tabcs sa andorra jose maria ricardo cases portrait

Maori Tabacs S.A.: Lucrative Business in Andorra

Andorra is the European cigar oasis for cheap prices, thanks to the life’s work of José María Cases, Grand Seigneur in the tobacco business and a friend of Fidel Castro for many years. With just seven staff, Maori Tabacs has created a hotspot for lovers of Cuban cigars in Andorra.

gotheburg skyscraper ship viking

Gothenburg: A Touch of New York in Sweden’s Gourmet Metropolis

Gothenburg is an often underestimated beauty among cities, which has long established itself as a bastion of world-renowned Scandinavian design. In August Gothenburg Cigar Festival draws passionads from all over Scandinavia to the city. Gothenburg is also the starting point for popular trips to the idyllic archipelago, the small holiday island such as Styrsö, which can be quickly reached by ferry.