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Insider Tip for Pampered Palates: Royal Danish Cigars

Insider Tip for Pampered Palates: Royal Danish Cigars

There are probably hundreds of “boutique” cigar manufacturers all over the world, and, generally, we associate this term with both the size of the company as well as the volume of production. But for no brand is it more appropriate than for the new, still unknown label Royal Danish Cigars by Jan Vistisen.

jonathan drew estate

Drew Estate: From Kiosk to Global Cigar Company

In 1996, Brooklyn native Jonathan Drew opened a cigar kiosk in New York’s World Trade Center. That kiosk dramatically changed the course of Drew’s life – and that of many others. Today, Drew Estate, as it is now known, operates the second-largest premium cigar factory in the world.

rocky patel nimish desai nish patel group portrait

It’s a Lifestyle: Rocky Patel Premium Cigars

Cigars bearing the name Rocky Patel are expected to be something special. And they are. Since founding the company, Rocky Patel has created and approved every single cigar blend. Each one served a unique purpose at the time. Over the decades, this is how Rocky Patel cigars have developed a broad portfolio.

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Boutique Cigars: Dion Giolitos Hottest Illusione

Looking up the word ‘picky’ in a lexicon, you may find a photo of Dion Giolito. The Illusione brand owner doesn’t worry about how many cigars he makes, only that they’re exactly right. Illusione is probably the most boutique of all boutique brands.

alejandro martinez cuenca joya de nicaragua lighting up cigar factory

It’s Hard to Top the History of Joya de Nicaragua

Dictator ownership, nationalization, worker control, brand success, market lows, trademark loss and official cigar supplier for the White House … It’s hard to top the history of the first and oldest commercial cigar producer in Nicaragua. This year the “Jewel of Nicaragua”, established by two Cuban exiles, is celebrating 45 years of social, political and managerial changes with an anniversary brand.

perdomo esteli tobacco plantation volcanic soil

The Perdomo Experience: From Seed to Smoke

Nick Perdomo has come a long way in 20 years. His deep appreciation of his customers, whether they be retailers or consumers, led him to offer tours where visitors are immersed into his fully vertically integrated operation. Sometimes the owner of the company no less is playing tour guide – cigar retailers and enthusiasts must put this trip on their bucket list!



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