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Here is Why Cigars and Champagne go Well Together

Here is Why Cigars and Champagne go Well Together

Some cigar lovers may want to avoid hard spirits, but they still might indulge the pleasure of a little bit of alcohol. For them, champagne and cigars can represent a perfect pairing option.

lighting up a cigar with cedar shavings

What is Necessary to Become a Cigar Sommelier?

Some fellow aficionados have asked us what someone needs to do to become an expert in cigar tasting. Typically this role is referred to as cigar sommelier (or Catador). In this article we’ll attempt to explore the recommended preparations on the path to becoming a cigar sommelier.

Cigar Bundles Aging in Storage

The Stages of Cigar Aging – From Fresh to Vintage

The typical smoker of aged and vintage cigars is one who appreciates the value of time and the delicacy in the works of art that a manufacturer can create. This article compiles opinions and information published from some of the world’s leading experts on the topic of cigar aging.