Manifatture Sigaro Toscano at the PCA

“People come to the booth thinking we’re baristas”, says Toscano Brand Ambassador Michael Cappellini, who’s just finished making yet another short espresso, this time for a store owner from Wisconsin.
As a perk, many of the exhibitors at the PCA Expo in Las Vegas have small coffee machines on hand to provide the occasional coffee, and, given that Toscano is an Italian brand (and the booth actually has a very sleek, European cafe-like feel to it), show goers tend to flock to the booth requesting for a coffee to pair with a Toscano cigar.

Michael happily obliges, and then spends time going over the cigars on display which range from the popular Toscano Classico to the Master Aged series, all of which are either made from Italian tobacco grown from Kentucky seed, Kentucky tobacco, or a mixture of both. The cigars all have a very recognizable “rustic” look to them and are smoked around the world from Milan to Manitowoc, Wisconsin. And if the coffee wasn’t a big enough draw, there’s also Maura, who today is rolling Toscano cigars in front of the booth for the public to see up close. As an extra value experience, show goers can even roll their own Toscano so that they can truly appreciate the handcraft that goes into every cigar the nearly 215-year-old Italian company makes.


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