GARIBALDI – “Hero of the Two Worlds”

Manifatture Sigaro Toscano announces the long-awaited release of Toscano Garibaldi cigars in the United States.

The Toscano Garibaldi cigar celebrates Giuseppe Garibaldi, “the Hero of the Two Worlds”. As a military general, an Italian Nationalist, and a smoker of Toscano cigars.

Garibaldi embodied the zest and spirit of Italy.  This new product’s flavour, made at the Toscano factory in Lucca (Tuscany, Italy), captures the sweet aromas of our natural tobacco and wood while maintaining subtle notes of spice and toasted nuts.

The best leaves of Italian Kentucky are selected for their delicate texture for the wrapper, which give a mellow temperament while maintaining a sufficiently lively body.

For the filler of the Toscano Garibaldi, tobaccos produced the south of Italy are mainly used, whose finest leaves add aromatic and spicy notes to the taste of the mixture. The filler is also enriched and rounded off with a portion of imported Kentucky tobacco, selected on the basis of the level of aromatic strength resulting from being smoke-cured.

The Toscano Garibaldi cigar was introduced in 1982 to celebrate the centenary of the death of the Italian hero and today it is the best seller of long format Toscano cigars in Italy.

Garibaldi will arrive (in limited quantity) in the United States the first week of November. Garibaldi will be offered in 5 packs, at a retail price before tax of $18.95.

Toscano Garibaldi cigar may be smoked both whole and ammezzato (half-length). From the start, the Garibaldi establishes its own identity, characterized by moderate strength, with very aromatic and pleasant sensations on the palate. Thick smoke envelops the smoker in a cloud of toasty, spicy aromas complimented by notes of aromatic wood and roasted nuts.

Like all Toscano cigars, Garibaldi does not require humidification due to the unique fermentation process and Fire Curing.

Toscano Garibaldi

WRAPPER Italian dark fire cured Kentucky
FILLER Italian dark fire cured Kentucky and U.S. dark fire cured Kentucky
AGING 6 Months-Fermentation Medium
PRODUCTION:  Lucca – Italy


Nicola Di Nunzio has been both a great lover and a passionate collector of Cuban cigars and memorabilia since the Noughties. He writes for Cigar Journal as well as the Italian magazine SIGARI!. Nicola is a member of the Puromotivo Torino Cigar Club, active as both secretary and treasurer. In addition, since 2011, he has been board secretary for the Cigar Club Association (CCA) in Italy. He is the main person responsible on the CCA panel, coordinates the editorial team of SIGARI!, and is, furthermore, panelist for Cigar Sense. Currently, Nicola works for Cigar Must Lugano and the magazine LiveIn.


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