Manuale Sigaro Toscano

Manual About Toscano Cigars

Twenty years after the first edition, the Giunti publishing house is releasing the new edition of the “Manuale del sigaro Toscano”, the book dedicated to the protagonist par excellence of Italian cigar culture.
Francesco Testa and Aroldo Marconi, one an illustrious connoisseur, the other a faithful lover of Tuscan cigars, lead the curious and enthusiasts of the Toscano cigars on a fascinating journey, from the production of the Kentucky tobacco to the making of the cigar and then on to tastings of some of the more common varieties available. In addition the authors give insights into the history and culture of the Toscano cigar.
Available from the end of October in bookstores and online on the Giunti website.

Nicola Di Nunzio has been both a great lover and a passionate collector of Cuban cigars and memorabilia since the Noughties. He writes for Cigar Journal as well as the Italian magazine SIGARI!. Nicola is a member of the Puromotivo Torino Cigar Club, active as both secretary and treasurer. In addition, since 2011, he has been board secretary for the Cigar Club Association (CCA) in Italy. He is the main person responsible on the CCA panel, coordinates the editorial team of SIGARI!, and is, furthermore, panelist for Cigar Sense. Currently, Nicola works for Cigar Must Lugano and the magazine LiveIn.


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