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Miami Cigar & Co. Taking Over U.S. Distribution for Toscano

Miami Cigar & Company announced that they have reached an agreement to become the exclusive distributor of Toscano Cigars in the United States. Based in Tuscany, Italy, Toscano has been producing their iconic cigars for 200 years and is to this day the most dominant cigar brand in Italy.

toscano-cigarsThe brand has forever been immortalized through film and television, most well known as Clint Eastwood’s go-to cigar in Sergio Leone’s “Dollars Trilogy” film series and other Spaghetti Westerns.

Because of the unique fermenting process of the fire cured Kentucky tobacco, the Toscano cigars do not need humidification and can be stored at room temperature for years without losing quality.

Miami Cigar & Co. will distribute a wide variety of the Toscano brands: Classico, Antico, 1492, Toscanello, the flavored Toscanello Aroma Café, Toscanello Aroma Vaniglia, and the Toscanello Aroma Grappa. Most Toscano cigars are between the lengths 5.9 to 6.3 in. Each Toscano box holds 50 sticks which would be traditionally cut in half, to make 100 cigars, and range in price from $135.00 to $200.00 MSRP.


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