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Hendrik Kelner

The Discovery of Yamasá

The Discovery of Yamasá

t has been exactly 20 years since Davidoff moved cigar production to the Dominican Republic. To mark the anniversary, the world’s largest family-owned cigar business is launching a completely new line: Puro d’Oro.

Nish and Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel: The Next Level

Rocky Patel started making cigars during the cigar boom of the nineteennineties. In the last fifteen years he has transformed from a lawyer who loved cigars to a true man of tobacco with several classic cigars to a true man of tobacco with several classic cigars in his portfolio.


Partagás: One Global Brand – Two Faces

The world-famous Partagás factory (at the address of No. 520 Industria in Havana) was nationalized 46 years ago, during the course of the Cuban revolution. The proprietor family, by the name of Cifuentes, had to leave everything behind when emigrating to the USA with nothing but the often-quoted clothes on their backs. There they made

Carlos Fuente Sr. & Jr.

The Passion of the Fuente Family

Fuente Fuente OpusX is the most popular cigar brand in the USA, followed in second place by Arturo Fuente. In Australia Fuentes are traded like precious jewellery, while smokehops in Europe seems to be suffering from chronic shortages. There is no cigar in which more love, passion and emotion are invested.

Carlos Toraño Sr. Namensgeber für Toraño Zigarren

Toraño Family Celebrates 90th Continuous Year in Tobacco

Toraño family celebrates 90 years of tobacco business. Only a few cigar companies are as famous as Toraño – in terms of their origins, family history and successes. They not only produce for the most recognized cigar brands in the world, their own brand is also at the top of the ratings.



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