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Alec & Bradley To Feature ‘Kintsugi’ at The Traveling Roadshow

Alec & Bradley Cigars, founded by brothers Alec and Bradley Rubin in 2018, announced that their third full line release Alec & Bradley ‘Kintsugi’ (pronounced Kint-Su-Gee) will be featured at The Traveling Roadshow, beginning July 13, 2020. In response to the cancellation of the 2020 PCA Trade Show, four cigar companies banded together to create a 15 city mini-trade show tour dubbed „The Traveling Roadshow“. Alec Bradley Cigar Company, the distributor of Alec & Bradley Cigars, is one of those companies. 


Boveda Acryl Humidore nun auch bei Kohlhase und Kopp

Die neuen Boveda Acryl Humidore sind auch bei Kohlhase und Kopp eingetroffen. Gefertigt aus schwerem, hochwertigem Acryl, ermöglichen sie den direkten Blick auf den Inhalt.  Die Designer bei Boveda verstecken die Boveda Humidipacks in einer separaten Kammer unterhalb der Zigarren, sodass nichts Ihr visuelles Vergnügen trüben kann. Der Boveda Acryl Humidor ist in den Größen


If you visit the absolutely beautiful downtown area of Naples, Florida, do yourself a favor and go two blocks off the main street to Eighth Street South and that is where you will find Marcus Daniel Tobacconist.  This pristine cigar lounge looks like no other.  Outside of the store there are many comfortable sofas and chairs where one can sit and enjoy the serine street life of Naples.  Inside, the client enters a different world where all of the senses are made to believe that you have teleported to a cigar shop in Havana.  The décor, furniture, music and aromas of the cigars are all within the theme and are all on point.


New Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Box-Pressed Coming

Tabacalera Perdomo announced the release of the new Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Box-Pressed Maduro and Sun Grown in August 2020. The Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne, awarded Best Brand Nicaragua in 2018 by Cigar Journal, continues to be one of the top-selling premium cigars on the market and the new Maduro and Sun Grown are sure to compliment the line and capture the hearts of cigar enthusiasts worldwide.

Neueinführung: Camacho Nicaragua

Die Oettinger Davidoff AG stellt die neue Serie Camacho Nicaragua vor. Diese Serie wurde geschaffen, um das Camacho-Core-Portfolio zu vertiefen und eine breitere Palette von Konsumentengeschmäckern anzusprechen. Neben dem nicaraguanischen Tabak gehören auch Tabake aus Ecuador, Honduras und der Dominikanischen Republik zu dieser Mischung und verleihen ihr Tiefe und Charakter.