CAO Session Box

CAO Releases Session

For his latest creation for CAO, Rick Rodriguez decided to create a cigar for the everyday smoking occasions.

“Some of the best times in my life happened over cigars in my garage in Tampa,” says CAO’s Rick Rodriguez.

Inspired by his early days of blending in Santiago, D.R., Rick started with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, selected a Dominican binder and paired them with a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. “I wasn’t going for a full-bodied cigar. I wanted Session to be a medium-bodied smoke with a great taste and a lot of complexity and I feel like I’ve hit the mark with Session. I’m excited to hear what the CAO fans will think of it.”

The sizes are named for three places where Session is perhaps best enjoyed. Packed in bright orange boxes that hold 20 cigars each, Session will ship to retailers on July 5.

CAO Session

Shop: 6 x 60 | SRP per cigar $9.59
Bar: 6 x 49 | SRP per cigar $8.99
Garage: 5.25 x 55 | SRP per cigar $8.59



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