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boisdale cigar terrace 2013

Spectator Cigar Awards 2014: Spectacular Boisdale

Spectator Cigar Awards 2014: Spectacular Boisdale

Cigar Journal is proud to announce it will co-sponsor the Spectator Cigar Awards of 2014 at Boisdale, London. With both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone rumored to be on the guest list, it should be another sensational night celebrating the art of the cigar.

north sea calling land pf pleasure germany house evening

North Sea Calling: Cigar Lounges in Hamburg, Bremen & Schleswig-Holstein

Land of Pleasure: Germany. Tolerant laws exist in the federal states of Hamburg, Bremen and Schleswig-Holstein. Here, smoking is allowed in establishments of up to 75m² as well as in closed side rooms. Wishing you a good smoke on this journey into the upper north!