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Author Archives: Bruce Busch

Metro Cigars | Cigar Friendly, Wisconsin

Metro Cigars | Cigar Friendly, Wisconsin

Just a bit Northwest of Milwaukee lies the village of Germantown, Wisconsin.  Here in Germantown lies the wonderful cigar establishment that is called Metro Cigars.  Myself being a German teacher by profession, and the fact that this lounge is in the town of Germantown, I am inclined to liken the environment of Metro Cigars to a term in German which really has no translation into any other language.

Central Cigars | Cigar Friendly, Florida

Downtown St. Petersburg is without a doubt the finest part of the state of Florida!  What was once nothing more than a tiny replica of New York City, geared to appease those Big Apple snowbirds in the winter months, has now developed into a mecca of culture and gastronomical delights all onto itself. 

New Tobacco Village |Cigarfriendly: Whitehall, PA

New Tobacco VillageJust a tad North of Allentown and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and not too far from the Western border of New Jersey lies a town called Whitehall. In this town of Whitehall lies the friendliest cigar shop on Earth called New Tobacco Village. Much like the tv show Cheers, usually everyone knows the name of whoever walks in the front door of this cigar sanctuary. Owner and zen master, Lina Hadid controls the thermostat of the vibe that keeps the emotional temperature of the lounge at a steady 74 degrees!