Autumn Edition 2014 – Boutique Blends

cigar-journal-cover-autumn-2014-rafael-nodal-boutique-blends Rafael Nodal’s Aging Room brand is a highly respected newcomer in the trade that made an early leap onto the international market. We met Nodal in his Boutique Blends Cigars company and found out more about his relationship to music, the focus on rare tobaccos and his plans for the future.

Other topics in the 2014 Autumn edition were the new and somewhat unusual cigar lounges in the French capital, the history and anniversary of the Cuban quality seal and the question of the cigars that are worth collecting.

We also blind-tasted 50 cigars, visited Havanna’s historical Corona factory and examined why premium cigars are available in Polish supermarkets.

If you missed this edition, you can order a back-issue.

The following is an overview of the contents of the 3/2014 edition.

Cigar News
New Cigars: This Year’s New Releases
Active Vacations for Passionados in Cuba
Smoky Spirits
Rafael Nodal: From Asylum Seeker to Master of Boutique Blends
Nothing or Everything: Cigars Worth Collecting
Tasting: 50 Cigars
How to Calibrate a Hygrometer
Ways to Open a Cigar: Cut, Punch, Bite, Rip
Tarvel Corner: Côte d’Azur & Monaco
One Day in the Life of a Cuban Tobacco Farmer
Tobacco & Arts: Peter Heeger
A Forgotten Anniversary: The Cuban Warranty Seal
La Corona Factory: El Panteón
The Polish Cigar Market: Habanos from the Supermarket
New Cigar Lounges: Fresh Air in Paris
Cooking & Cigars: A Little Wild
Cigar Trophy Awards 2014: The Winners
Cigar Trivia: The Tobacco Beetle



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