Vegafina 1998.

National preview of the new Vegafina 1998

During a wonderful evening organized at the Controvento restaurant by Tabaccheria Cigars & Co. of Milan, in collaboration with Diadema S.p.A., the National Preview of the new 1998 Vegafina took place in the presence of a selected parterre.

The President of Diadema S.p.A. Andrea Vincenzi presented the guest of honor Pedro Ventura, Operations and Product Development Director in Tabacalera de Garcia (Dominican Republic) who, with over 22 years of experience in the tobacco world, is part of the prestigious “Grupo de Maestros „.

Pedro Ventura illustrated to the present characteristics of the Vegafina brand and, subsequently, presented the new Vegafina 1998 cigars, a product that commemorates the brand’s foundation year, handmade with carefully selected tobaccos and subjected to a minimum aging of three years .

This new line is composed of three cigars, the VF 50 with the measures of 115 mm for 50 of cepo, the VF 52 with the measures of 135 mm for 52 of cepo and finally the VF 54 with the measures of 155 mm for 54 of cepo.

The evening continued with the delicious dishes proposed by the Chef of the Controvento and combined with a Champagne A. Bergère, presented by Flaviano Lenzi.

The tasting of new products took place in the presence of the Vice President of Diadema S.p.A. Miguel Angel Eusa Mendia, of the Commercial Manager of Diadema S.p.A. Stefano Minoia, of some selected tobacconists present for the occasion and of the press.

Thanks to Diadema S.p.A. for the beautiful evening.

Nicola Di Nunzio ist seit den Nullerjahren ein großer Liebhaber sowie leidenschaftlicher Sammler kubanischer Zigarren und Memorabilien. Er schreibt sowohl für das Cigar Journal als auch für das italienische SIGARI!. Nicola ist Mitglied des Puromotivo Torino Cigar Club, für den er auch als Sekretär und Schatzmeister aktiv ist. Seit 2011 ist er zudem Vorstandssekretär der Cigar Club Association in Italien. Er ist der Hauptverantwortliche des Panels der CCA, koordiniert die Redaktion des Magazins SIGARI! und ist zudem Panelist für Cigar Sense. Zurzeit arbeitet er für Cigar Must Lugano und für die Zeitschrift LiveIn.


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