Smoky Spirits

Famous Smoke Beer Pairing Guide

Find the Perfect Cigar Match for your Beer of Choice & Occasion with this Interactive Guide

After releasing their Cigar & Spirit Pairing Guide in July 2016, Famous Smoke Shop teamed up with beerologists and tobacconists to create an interactive tool for cigar connoisseurs and newbies alike, to find the perfect matching cigar for their choice of beer.

koval couple whiskey barrels cellar

Koval Whiskey: Austrian Distillery Tradition in Chicago

Robert Birnecker dreamed of taking Austria’s time-honored distillery tradition to the United States. His Koval brand has achieved that dream – though not with Old World-style fruit brandies, but by producing distinctly New World whiskeys. Two years after the company’s founding, his creations already won several awards.

marzadro espressioni teroldego 6 years bottle

For the Afternoon: Marzadro Espressioni Teroldego

An extraordinary example of barrel-matured grappa. The fruity sweetness, merging with the bitter almond and mild woody tones on the tongue, is the ideal starting point for a distinguished encounter. A Primeros Nicaragua Maduro by Davidoff, with its texture of spicy toast boosts the liquid interaction between fruity sweetness and woody aromas.



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