Blue Smoke Cigar Lounge Knoxville Tennessee

Blue Smoke Cigar | Cigar Friendly: Knoxville, TN

The theme song from the 80’s sitcom Cheers famously tuned, “… you want to go where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.” That popular watering hole was located in the northeastern US, but there’s a cigar shop south of the Mason Dixon line that gives that same comfort, familiarity and fellowship as there are absolutely no strangers inside. It’s Blue Smoke of Knoxville, TN.

Opening its doors in 2016, Blue Smoke (formerly Smokin’ Joes) has quickly become a go-to location for the eastern Tennessee cigar community and for those passing through on their way to the Rocky Mountains. Whether you sit in the front area or the special “Members” lounge, every time the door opens you’ll hear the patron greeted by their name. Speaking of lounge areas, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Blue Smoke is the 1st and only Caldwell Cigars Lounge. With that being said, you can’t help but notice the wide variety of unique Caldwell artwork and decor on every wall and in every corner of every room.

Blue Smoke Cigar Lounge Knoxville Tennessee

Photo: Justin Harris

The Humidor

Blue Smoke Cigar Lounge Knoxville Tennessee

Photo: Justin Harris

Of course there are cigars a plenty. Blue Smoke is super shopper-friendly in that there is plenty of space to move around the walk-in humidor so you can browse their selection comfortably. What makes their humidor unique is the sheer number of lines from each brand they carry. Of course they have every Caldwell cigar you could ever want, every mainstream brand like Rocky Patel and Arturo Fuente, but they also have Tennessee’s largest array off Ernesto Perez-Carrillo cigars. And when you cap that off with several hidden-gem boutique brands, you have everything to need to make your premium cigar collection and experience complete.

If pipes and pipe tobacco are your cup of tea, Blue Smoke offers more than a dozen tobacco flavors and varieties that can be mixed to your liking. Need cigar accessories, gift ideas or storage options? No problem there either, as desktop and travel humidors, humidification devices, ashtrays and premium cigar cutters and lighters are also available for purchase.

Membership Has Its Privileges

Whether you’re planning on becoming a regular at Blue Smoke or if you’re merely passing through or hanging with member for the day, they make it easy for you to enjoy all of their amenities. Yearly plans are available, with or without a locker, which grant access to the multi-roomed experience, special events and luxury. Daily memberships are also available for a mere $8.00, so you can kick the tires on the brick and mortar and get a taste of their membership privileges.

Blue Smoke Cigar Lounge Knoxville Tennessee

Photo: Justin Harris

Benefits include:

• Discounts in shop and at local liquor stores
• Special event invites
• Card tournaments
• Huge TVs with the NFL Sunday Ticket and other exclusive sporting events
• BYOB access and a kitchenette (with popcorn machine)
• Conference rooms
• …and the coup de grâce…a golf simulator!

Yes, I said it. Come enjoy fellowship, cigars, libations, sports, and practice your tee shot on the Optishot 2. You can bring your own clubs or use the house set. If they had beds you wouldn’t have to leave.

Blue Smoke is located at 152 South Peters Rd, Knoxville, Tennessee, and they are available 7 days a week. Be sure to tell them your name when you visit so they can personally address you every time thereafter!

Blue Smoke Cigar Lounge Knoxville Tennessee

Photo: Justin Harris

Blue Smoke Cigar

152 South Peters Rd, Knoxville, Tennessee 37923
Tel.: +1 865 584-9010
Offers cigars: Yes
Offers alcoholic beverages: No
Offers food: No
Seating capacity: 60
Lockers available: Yes

Justin Harris is a Certified Consumer Tobacconist and professional blogger who has been a lover of the leaf since 2003. In an effort to educate new and experienced cigar enthusiasts, he created in 2013, relaunched as in 2018. It is that focus on education that has enabled him to build relationships with both cigar manufacturers and consumers. Justin is a member of the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association and the Cigar Rights of America, where he serves as the Ambassador for the State of Tennessee. Whether through social media or face-to-face interactions at cigar lounges, Justin is always promoting premium cigars and the experience they provide.


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