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Willi Tokarev

Willi Tokarev Will Attend Cigar Weekend In Tallinn

Willi Tokarev Will Attend Cigar Weekend In Tallinn

The 83-year-old Russian-American singer-songwriter Willi (Vilen) Tokarev is still in remarkable shape and will be giving his only concert in Estonia on the 8th of June.

koval couple whiskey barrels cellar

Koval Whiskey: Austrian Distillery Tradition in Chicago

Robert Birnecker dreamed of taking Austria’s time-honored distillery tradition to the United States. His Koval brand has achieved that dream – though not with Old World-style fruit brandies, but by producing distinctly New World whiskeys. Two years after the company’s founding, his creations already won several awards.


Nicaraguan Cigar Festival 2016: Have Fun And Get Educated

A new segment called “Conversatorio Puro Sabor” will be added to the Puro Sabor 2016 Cigar Festival in Estelí, Nicaragua. The Conversatorio will be a casual exchange of experiences and ideas lead by industry experts in an informal and fun setting, in which the audience will have the opportunity to interact and learn about a variety of topics.