Autumn Edition 2017 – José O. Padrón

Cigar Journal Autumn Edition 2017 José O. PadrónAs well as numerous news items about new launches, and events all around the globe, our writers offer up a concentrated charge of firsthand impressions from the cigar world, and in-depth information also in our new issue.

The founder of the world-renowned brand Padrón is considered a legend in the cigar industry. For our cover story, we spoke to him about the most moving events in his life, as well as his upcoming autobiography. Memorable Moments in My Life does not merely document the life of the patriarch and thus a story about realizing the American dream – it is also a piece of contemporary history.

We’ve been on the road a lot and had a look around in the cigar scene in Kuala Lumpur for you and explored Chinese cigar production. What’s more, we give traveling passionados in-depth information about where to find the best places in Buenos Aires, Nashville, Chicago, Santiago (Chile), and Prague to sit back and enjoy.

If you missed this edition, you can order a back-issue.

The following is an overview of the contents of the 3/2017 edition.

Cigar News
Terra Dannemann Bahia, Brazil
New Lounge in Liverpool: Puffin’ Rooms
Smoky Spirits
60 Cigars Blind Tasted
Cover Story: José O. Padrón’s Unforgettable Moments
How do Wrappers Affect Havana Cigars?
AJ Fernandez’ San Lotano Factory
VegaFina: Converations on a Global Brand
Miami’s Cigar Wives
Cigar Club: Kinlonz 1492
Gajane Benelux: Tackling the Dutch Cigar Market
Cohiba Atmosphere Buenos Aires
Road Trip USA: From Nashville to Chicago
Travel Corner: Zürich, Switzerland
Up Close – Kuala Lumpur’s Cigar Scene
Tobacco Harvesting Methods Explained
Portrait: Karen Berger & Don Kiki Cigars
Lubinski and the Italian Cigar Market
Camaquito: Charity & Enjoyment
El Galán Cigars: It’s all about Family
Crossover Tasting: Bitters & Cigars
Tobacco & Arts: Gurkha Ambassador Oleg Prudius
Vintage Cigars – An Epicurean Trilogy
Visiting China’s Premium Cigar Production
La Casa del Habano Santiago (Chile)
Abam Cigars: Villiger’s Unknown Factory
Portrait: Amos de Santiago
Felipe Gregorio Cigars: Costa Rican Cigars since 2004
Bars & Cigars: Prague
Sao Paulos Caruso Lounge



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