La Academia del Tabaco

La Academia del Tabaco | Cigar Friendly: Valencia, Spain

There is a concept in Japan known as “ikigai,” which translates as “raison d’etre” (“a reason for being”). For the Japanese, it’s used to refer to the vital motivation that makes us enjoy what we do, because we were born for it. The philosophy maintains that, although it’s difficult in life to find a purpose to get up every day, to feel useful, once found, everything done around this goal becomes a pleasure. 

La Casa del Tabaco was born as part of the ikigai of its founder, Ramón Zapata, who has dedicated his life to spreading his passion for premium cigars. To culminate his dream, on November 25, 2017, the company opened La Academia del Tabaco above its headquarters near Valencia, Spain. 

Ramón says: “Our Academia is open to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers worldwide, and to the general public. We do our own events, but are also open to hosting third-party events geared towards promoting premium cigars. We provide the setting, you bring your team, clients and friends. Everyone is welcome here.” The Academia offers, free of charge, a well-appointed humidor, fully stocked bar, conference facilities, and a cozy social area for the enjoyment of its guests. It also promotes learning about and enjoying cigars on all levels. The opening ceremony was attended by over 100 friends, employees, customers, and suppliers, generating an atmosphere of fraternity, and lots of thick, blue smoke. 


Academia del Tabaco
Baranco Esparza, 1
46821 Chella Valencia, España

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Jorge Tapies is a passionate cigar smoker for over 20 years who enjoys visiting a tobacco farm or factory as well as spending time with friends at a cigar lounge anywhere in the world over a glass of aged rum. Jorge holds the Tobacconist University Certified Consumer Tobacconist as well as the International Association of Cigar Sommeliers' Cigar Ambassador certifications and is an avid reader and book collector on anything cigar and tobacco related. Jorge is a regular contributor and ambassador for Cigar Journal, especially in Spanish speaking countries. He is also member of Cigar Journal’s tasting panel since 2012.


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