Daniel Marshall Zigarrenabend Graz

Golden Cigars with a Hollywood-Gladiator in Graz

Once again humidor and cigar manufacturer Daniel Marshall lit a modern day campfire: After Kitzbühel, Berlin and Beverly Hills, the Styrian capital town Graz saw – in mid-May – a sparkle of Hollywood as well as lots of cigars. “When Arnold Schwarzenegger is not in his town, I promised him to come instead”, actor and former “Mr. Universe” Ralf Möller (“Gladiator”) jokingly introduced himself to the guests.

Daniel Marshall Zigarrenabend

Photo: Daniel Marshall

The rooftop of the C+P real estate company was packed with connaisseurs, pairing cigars with the Tequila Padre Azul and Styrian white wine. The Austrian smokers not only were procured with DM-cigars, the cigar company’s founder also shared some anecdotes. Like the story of complaints about mould in one of his humidors by a Hollywood big shot – in fact it were pieces of weed, the actor also seemed to store alongside his Havanas. “And Marlon Brando used to store his scripts in a humidor in Tahiti to prevent them from the moisture”, Marshall smilingly recalled.

Austrian celebrities joined in the feast of camaraderie and Hollywood glam, too: The owner of the Imperial Train, Gottfried Rieck, enjoyed a smoke alongside the popular singer Andreas Gabalier and former world cup-skier Hans Knauß.

Roland Graf writes about the beverage world for German-language magazines and online media. His articles on the culture and history of alcohol appear in magazines such as “A la Carte,” “BEEF!” and “Mixology.” For Cigar Journal, he organizes tastings and documents delightful pairings of cigars and drinks.


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