daniel marshall cash for cigar clunker program

Daniel Marshall Pays Cash For Cigar Clunkers

On the heels of his “Cash for Clunkers” humidor trade-in program, Daniel Marshall has announced a “Cash for Cigar Clunkers” program and will pay customers for their clunker cigars.

With the previous program, customers around the country can trade in their clunker humidors for an upgrade to a Daniel Marshall. In the same way Marshall has designed his latest program to allow customers to elevate from their disappointing cigars to Daniel Marshall cigars.

Daniel Marshall is offering to pay customers even for their partially smoked cigars. Every cigar enthusiast knows the feeling of being let down by a cigar where the expectation just did not measure up. Now disappointing cigars that did not draw or taste good can be redeemed for credit with Daniel Marshall. Daniel Marshall Red Label Cigars made their debut in 1997, originally co-created by Manuel Quesada and Nestor Plasencia,” said Marshall.

To participate in the program, customers can request a prepaid mailing label from Daniel Marshall and send in their banded, partially smoked “clunker” cigars. In exchange, Daniel Marshall will provide a $2 credit per cigar clunker to be used towards the purchase of Daniel Marshall cigars at designated retailers nationwide.

For additional details see danielmarshall.com


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