Cave de Paille Season III Davidoff Humidor Made by Lison de Chaunes

Davidoff Showcases Third Cave de Paille Humidor at Art Basel Miami Beach

Davidoff is set to present the third edition of its humidor collection “Cave de Paille” at Art Basel Miami Beach. The humidors are created in collaboration with Paris-based artist Lison de Caunes and crafted using the traditional technique of marqueterie de paille (straw marquetry). Lison de Caunes has been the Artistic Director on this process from the very beginning: from choosing the shape of the humidor to tailoring the collection, and elaborating the patterns chosen for the humidors.

With the straw marquetry technique, each straw is cut to length, hand-flattened with tools made from bone, and then cut and placed side by side on a sheet of paper. Lison de Caunes utilises a mould made of bronze, specifically created for these masterpieces, to cut the straw into the desired shapes. She then creates the design straw-by-straw in a puzzle-like fashion combining shapes and directions to create an appealing effect of depth which complements the silky and shiny surface. To better reveal the subtle lustre of the straw, she has chosen the classic Dome with its rounded shape.

“I like to connect tradition and innovation. A piece of marqueterie de paille is an expression of status and beauty. It doesn’t just represent a functional piece of furniture; it’s an irregular assembled surface meant to immortalize my most precious memories,” says Lison de Caunes.

Twenty pieces of the limited edition humidor will be created. The inside of each humidor comes in a varnished okumé wood. They are equipped with a self-regulating system that absorbs and releases humidity as required, automatically ensuring the consistent quality of the cigars. The humidors will be available at Davidoff Flagship Stores in the USA, Europe and Asia from December 2015 onwards. Suggested retail price per humidor: USD $23,350, including a complimentary one-year membership to the Hourglass Lounge, a private luxury concierge service by Oettinger Davidoff.

Cave de Paille Season III

Capacity: 50 – 65 cigars
Size: 425 x 262 x 160 mm
Features: 1 Davidoff de Luxe regulator, 1 removable basket


Photo: Oettinger Davidoff

Photo: Oettinger Davidoff

Photo: Oettinger Davidoff

Photo: Oettinger Davidoff


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