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Cigar Industry

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Tabacalera Incorporada – The Filipino Tabacalera

Tabacalera Incorporada – The Filipino Tabacalera

With the recent launch of the Gran Reserva and a new USA distribution deal, the Philippines’ oldest cigar manufacturer, Tabacalera Incorporada, is intent on returning to global prominence.

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Leading Women of the Cigar World

Looking at cigars from more than one angle is important to us. We want to fully explore this industry, its changes, and how it is changing the world. Since the creation of cigars, women and men have worked in tobacco side by side. In this article we are featuring stories of some of the women leading the cigar industry today.

Nish and Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel: The Next Level

Rocky Patel started making cigars during the cigar boom of the nineteennineties. In the last fifteen years he has transformed from a lawyer who loved cigars to a true man of tobacco with several classic cigars to a true man of tobacco with several classic cigars in his portfolio.


Partagás: One Global Brand – Two Faces

The world-famous Partagás factory (at the address of No. 520 Industria in Havana) was nationalized 46 years ago, during the course of the Cuban revolution. The proprietor family, by the name of Cifuentes, had to leave everything behind when emigrating to the USA with nothing but the often-quoted clothes on their backs. There they made