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Carlos André Airborne Cigar Box

Carlos André Airborne to be Launched Internationally

Carlos André Airborne to be Launched Internationally

The new Carlos André Airborne, a cigar brand produced by German cigar maker and distributor Arnold André, is set to be released in more European countries after making a debut in Germany.

Portrait of León Herbert

La Aurora – The History of Five Generations in the Tobacco Industry

When it comes to La Aurora in the Dominican Republic, it’s more than just about cigar production: it is the living history of the country, the core of one of the most important business groups of the Dominican economy, and thus also a family history.

Raquel Quesada: A Strong Woman in the Cigar Industry

After a family tragedy, Raquel took over tobacco purchasing and blending duties with clear goals: to look to the future while learning and working side-by- side with her father, Manuel Quesada. In addition, she worked to strengthen herself against the sexist prejudices that persist to this day.