Xikar PuroFine High PErformance Premium Butane

Xikar Launches new Lighter Butane Purofine High Performance

Xikar will introduce a new lighter butane product at the IPCPR trade show mid July. Purofine® High Performance Premium Butane, developed initially for use in high-altitude areas, is a butane formula with less than 15 parts per million that provides enhanced lighter performance to extend the life of your lighter.

Xikar stated to have tested dozens of different butane mixtures, and after many trials, discovered a formula, now available as Purofine® High Performance Premium Butane. The company conducted a market test of 20 different retail locations using the new formula at different elevation levels, to test the effectiveness of the product. Higher elevation stores are said to have reported enhanced performance and consistency while locations at sea level reported taller and stronger flames, and rejuvenation of lighters on their “last leg.”

Tom Brown at Stag Tobacconist in Colorado Springs, CO (elevation 6,035’) reports “For years we’ve struggled to get jet flame lighters to function reliably at 6,000’ while those same lighters work well at lesser elevations. Xikar’s High Performance Butane has greatly reduced our lighter issues and allows us to use lighters that never worked before at this altitude.”

James George of Fogue & Bates Tobacconists of Tulsa, OK (elevation 636’) notes “We’ve emptied and refilled close to 75 different lighters and there is noticeable difference in flame height. Lighters that had a weak or flickering flame now have a strong and viable flame.”

Xikar President Kurt Van Keppel responded to these comments saying “These results from our test panel confirm the enhanced performance that this High Performance Butane delivers. The formula was developed to address the issue of difficulty lighting in high-altitude areas, and after further development, proves to be a beneficial resource when lighting at any elevation. We are excited to launch this product nationally.”


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